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           Guadalupe Vila is an independent English Speaking Spanish Lawyer based in VALENCIA (SPAIN).                       

Specialized in Real Estate Law and property Conveyancing, she also provides a comprehensive range of legal and fiscal services to meet the majority of legal needs from international clients who plan to move to Spain buying a home or simpy own a property as a non-residents.

Our legal  firm  serves the whole of the Valencian Community: Alicante, Valencia and Castellon provinces and we also offer   Online Legal Services through video conferencing



                    PRACTISE AREAS





a) Conveyancing, urban leases, legalization of existing building, town  planning    


b)   Fiscal advise & tax planning


c)   Probate and wills


d)   Civil Law


e)   Litigation


f)   Criminal procedures


g)  Architect´s Services: Energy Efficiency                      Certificates, building projects, Urban Licenses 


h)  Administrative Law  proceedings


I) Paperwork assistance for expats moving to spain


j)  Spanish gestor


k)  Insurances in Spain



 1.  We give  a level of personal service typically missing from other larger law firms


2.   The relationships we build with our customers are mainly based on trust, honesty, mutual respect, transparency and friendly treatment, consequently they last for years.


3.  Accessibility: You can easily contact directly with Guadalupe by phone, text message, email or personal appointment at any time without having to go through an endless number of secretaries or assistants.


4.    We are also an accredited Spanish Gestoria and insurances agency; then we handle the most common legal issues required by the expat community in Spain.



5.  Our fees are cost effective and highly affordable.














Fully insured and registered, Guadalupe Vila has the following  Accreditations:


*  Law Bar Association in Valencia, ICAV number 1830.

* Professional association Managers in Valencia,            number collegiate 1421


* Professional association of Court Expert Appraisers, number 3250.   



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We can also attend your consultations by videoconference from anywhere in the word, avoiding displacements and saving time and money. This way is particularly useful if you wish moving to Spain, but need to clear some legal or practical matters before making your final decision.


             How do I use these services?


1.      You can contact us by phone (+34 625047696) or using the contact form below to submit your legal inquiries. Please let us know what is your preferred method of video conference (Skype or Google hangouts)

2.      In 24 hours working days we will contact you to schedule a virtual appointment and discuss payment arrangements. 

3.    Complete the fees payment at your choice through the PayPal system or Bank transfer prior to your appointment. An invoice will be sent to you via email.

4.      Set up your Skype account, log in to Skype at scheduled time, and add our user name that will be provided to you.

5.      If you have a Google + account, you can also use Google hangouts to contact us.

6.      The consultation session will be initiated at the agreed day and time.


If the videoconferencing may not be carried out for tecnical reasons, we will book a new appointment to you.



On line consultation pricing:  (VAT Tax included)

     (*) 36 € / 30 minutes

     (*) 72 € / 60 minutes


SECURE PAYMENT We guarantee costumers protection and full satisfaction by using our online legal services.





legal consultation fee










              WILLS & PROBATE









It is essential to make a Spanish will when you own property, land or businesses in Spain. Our inheritance law is quite different to other countries. In Spain we do not have complete freedom to decide whom left our property after death. The law imposes the testator the obligation of leaving part of his estate to specific individuals.




It is highly recommended to grant two different wills, in your own country for the assets located on there and a Spanish one for your estates sited in Spain.




Assuming that in your own country exists freedom to appoint the heirs, and you grant a will in Spain, the applicable law will be your national  law PROVIDED THAT YOUR RENOUNCE TO THE APPLICATION OF THE SPANISH LAW, in which case you will be free to leave your assets to the ones you love.




All this matters have to be very clear in your will in order that your preventions are executed as you planned when you granted it specially if your assets are going to a “ non forced heir” or decide a determinate estates distribution.




We can arrange this for you planning all your preventions for your last will in both languages, Spanish and English.













We offer services for both residents and non Residents people in Spain. As the tax system is quite a complex process, we advise everyone to use a Gestoria to help with tax returns. It can cost you dearly if you make an error when making out your tax return whether if you are resident or not.


Our services will ensure your returns are completed properly and on time. There are many structured Fines for late returns !!

Don’t be caught out and have to pay more than you should!! Accurate returns should save you money…..Let us help and advise you….







A foreign individual is considered as fiscal resident if it is given any of these circumstances:


- Spend in Spain more than 183 days during the calendar year


- The center of economical interest or business is in Spain


- Spouse or under age children who economically depend on this individual, are habitually residents in Spain.




In any of these cases, have to submit your income tax in Spain, between May and the end of June every year.






If you are not a resident but own a property in Spain, you are obliged to submit your Non Residents Tax return before the end of the following year to the taxable exercise.




c) INDIVIDUAL BUSSINESS OR COMPANIES intending to ( or ) already settled in Spain.




Guide, advise and attention on Taxation and Accounting for foreign entrepreneurs with regards to the possibility and convenience of fiscal and accountable options to optimize results and resources, with facilities of attention in the owner company address to avoid displacements to the client.


We may carry out the Accounts, financial analysis, study of balances and official books (official accountancy)




e) CAPITAL GAINS (Increased Patrimony) generated by the sale of a PROPERTY in Spain of individual non residents.


We undertake the due tax retention and the capital gains tax , asking tax refund if applicable.

As each client’s needs vary, please contact us for a consultation and we will be very happy to help you.





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